10 - 12 May 2019 - 19th International Border Collie Championship of the Czech Republic 2019
Location: Tošovice
The organizer of Championship: Tereza Kaniová

15.03.2019 - Prague Restaurant Spižírna 1902 sponsors the championship. During your visit, you can enjoy a rich breakfast, weekend brunch, light lunches and fine evening canapes. To do this, you can have homemade lemonades, good coffee and wine, beer from microbreweries, or something sharper, all homemade and lovingly made.
14.02.2019Border Collie Club Czech Republic became a partner of the competition.
01.02.2019 - Developers of the DOGRES reservation system also decided to support the event.
30.08.2018 - Successful teams can look forward to beautiful workshop products from eshop Lucy&Yv!
29.01.2019 - Countdown begins to the start of registration 1.2.2019.
23.01.2019Rules published.
21.01.2019 - Main sponzor of the championschip - inSPORTLine
21.01.2019 - New sponsor of the championships - SNACK BAR U dvou přátel.
10.01.2019 - New sponsor of the championships - Berylo.
06.01.2019 - New sponsor of the championships - MushGO.
06.01.2019 - New sponsor of the championships Spokojeny pes e-shop.
06.01.2019 - The registration starts 1.2.2019 v 8:00.


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Mush Go

Spokojeny pes

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Lucy&Yv - doplňky pro pejsky

Dogres rezervační systém pro psí sporty

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