11 - 13 May 2018 - 18th International Border Collie Championship of the Czech Republic 2018
Location: Tošovice
The organizer of Championship: Tereza Otýpková
Guarantor: Border collie club Czech Republic.


05.03.2018 - New sponzor of the championships Gappay - production and sale of dog handling equipment.
21.02.2018 - The event supports the company M&M reality with the accommodation in the Canary Islands !!! The prize is for the winners in all competition categories, Winner of A1 Championship, Winner of A2 / A3 Championship, Team Winner, Special Final Winner and Master of Oldies.
06.02.2018 - Main sponzor of the championschip - inSPORTLine
01.02.2018The registration is opened.
31.01.2018 - Countdown begins to the start of registration.
25.01.2018 - New sponsor of the championships - MushGO.
25.01.2018 - New sponsor of the championships - Berylo.
21.11.2017 - Judges for competition Sabrina Hauser (Austria), Ivana Kirik (Slovinia), Alice Boháčová (Czech republic).


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HEIPARK Tošovice

Univerzitní Sportovní Klub - Slezská univerzita v Opavě

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M&M reality

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