Registration is open for border collies with FCI (or FCI recognized) pedigree only.
The maximum number of registered teams is 250.

The payments must be sent only to the BCCCZ bank account:
Account number: 2338738028 Bank code: 5500
Account name: Jitka Slánská
IBAN: CZ64 5500 0000 0023 3873 8028
BIC/SWIFT: RZBCCZPP special symbol pro your payment will be sent to your email address after your registration.

Registration is not opened!

Total deadline for registration 11.5.2020
ATTENTION!!! Registration after 2nd deadline will not be possible!

Deadline for payments of registered competitors
1st deadline    27.4.2020
2nd deadline    11.5.2020
Registrations unpaid up to this date will be cancelled and next applicant will be admitted.

Dog for whole championship Category A1 or A2/3
1st deadline    40,-
2nd deadline    50,-

Only Oldies Trial
1st deadline    12,-
2st deadline    16,-

You will be added to the official list of competitors only after we received your payment!


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