29 - 31 May 2020 - 20th International Border Collie Championship of the Czech Republic 2020
Location: Kácov
The organizer of Championship: Jitka Slánská

Total of teams: 233

Number of teams paid by race:
  • Championship for 2nd and 3rd grade: LA[64] MLA[7] MA[1]
  • Championship for 1st grade: LA[26] MLA[1]
  • Only the Oldies Trial (for dog/bitch over 8 years of age): LA[4] MLA[5]
Number of teams unpaid by race:
  • Championship for 2nd and 3rd grade: LA[71] MLA[9] MA[2]
  • Championship for 1st grade: LA[28] MLA[1] MA[1]
  • Only the Oldies Trial (for dog/bitch over 8 years of age): LA[9] MLA[4]

24.03.2020 - Dear friends,
unfortunately it is clear that the organization of the 20th Border Collie Championship will not be possible this year. We are all very sorry. The entry fee will be returned by the end of the week. Please check your accounts and if the payment is not credited by Friday, contact me at Facebook or email
But also one good news - the jubilee 20th Championship will be held from 28th-30th May 2021 at the same place in Sporthotel Kácov
Judges: Karel Havlíček from the czech republic, Szilágyi Anita from Hungary and Jeannine Gloor from Switzerland.
We hope that at that time everything will be fine and we will enjoy the competition.
I would also like to thank the general sponsor Fitmin and other sponsors who will join us next year.
Looking forward to seeing you at better times. Take care.
Best regards
Jitka Slánská
10.01.2020 - Judges are published: René Blank (Germany), Pavol Roháček (Slovakia), Karina Divišová (Czech republic).
31.12.2019Registration of competitors opens on 1.1.2020 00:00
29.12.2019 - The company is sponsored Překážky pro Agility PePa -, which produces not only weave poles but also beautiful zone obstacles, jumps and much more for agility.
26.12.2019 - Registration of competitors on the Registration page
16.12.2019 - ML category is added to the rules


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