9 - 11 June 2023 - 21th International Border Collie Championship of the Czech Republic 2023
Location: Trutnov
The organizer of Championship: Lucie Vočadlová

26.05.2023CONTIPRO The sponsor was Contipro, a Czech pharmaceutical company founded in 1990 by scientist docent Vladimír Velebný. The company is one of the largest producers of hyaluronic acid in the world. Geloren is joint nutrition with a high content of hyaluronic acid, which was developed by Czech scientists and doctors so that it has an ideal composition and a correctly balanced ratio of active substances for the proper functioning of joints, ligaments and tendons.
Geloren Active - food supplement in the form of flavored jelly of red orange, Geloren DOG – joint nutrition for dogs in the form of a tasty treat. Geloren is the Czech path for your joints.
27.04.2023Vydryskovy dobrotyAnother support for the competition was a small factory VYDRYSKOVY DOBROTY. This is the project of Mr. Martin Vydra. She bakes homemade treats and cookies for dogs, making everything from fresh ingredients. There will be a stand with his products on site.
19.04.2023Lucy&YvThe popular company Lucy&Yv also became a sponsor. They are engaged in the production of dog toys, leashes, collars, treats, pockets, cushions, dog accessories, such as caps and collars, handbags, waist bags, etc...
11.04.2023TamerThe sponsor was the company Canvit, which deals with the distribution and sale of feed and vitamin and mineral supplements for pets.
11.04.2023TamerThe sponsor of the race was the company Sweet Energy - e-shop with an assortment for agility.
29.01.2023Calibra Calibra became the main partner of this race. We are very happy to be supported by this manufacturer of quality feed. It offers product lines, for example, for active dogs, dogs with sensitive digestion or quality Calibra Dog Verve granules with a high proportion of fresh meat.
29.01.2023Tamer The championship is sponsored by Tamer. A company from Kolín specializing in for the production of dog supplies of the highest quality. In their e-shop you will find quality collars, harnesses, leashes, but also toys, beds and much more.
17.01.2023Krakonoš The championship is sponsored by Krakonoš brewery.
The brewery is located in the center of Trutnov. Since 1994, the brewery has been operated by the Trutnov company Krakonoš spol. s.r.o.
17.01.2023DOGBALLS The championship is sponsored by, selling quality balls. The balls are made of natural rubber, so they are extremely durable and unchewable. Among the big pluses is that they stay on the water, including a rope that does not drag them to the bottom. This Czech product is healthy and jumps well. For your dogs, you can choose a version without a rope or with a rope with a diameter of 8 cm, 6 cm or 4 cm. Small, medium and large breeds can win with balls.
09.01.2023 - We present to you the judges for this year:
Angelika Brandl - Austria
Jiřina Máčková - Czech Republic
Olga Bazalová - Czech Republic
31.12.2022 - Dear friends of border collies and agility,
let me inform you about a minor change in the program that we have prepared for next year.
Of course, you can look forward to the traditional program with the Power & Speed game and the Special Race, which culminates in the final run on Sunday. Of course, there will be a team competition with its finale in the form of a relay race, as well as the classic competition of our older canine companions "Oldies".

We prepared the change for championship competitions. We probably all feel the shift of agility towards the top sport, when it is not easy to face the pitfalls of the tracks without careful and, above all, very regular training. But just like other sports with their super heroes from the World Championships, agility also has its fans among people who, for various reasons, can no longer dedicate themselves to their sport one hundred percent. For that reason, we will have a championship in two categories in 2023. In the MASTERS category, where those who are really excellently prepared can compete, and the OPEN category, which will be lighter in terms of parkour difficulty and will be exactly for those of us who also love agility, but have not yet reached the necessary level, or who really just want to have fun with agility, and they are not prepared for the "extremes" of top traps. The championship for the performance level A1 will also take place on the courses of the OPEN competition.
More about the competitions at rules or on the FB page of the championship.


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