Juraj Ruža (Slovakia)

Dear agility friends,
What an honour it would be for me to judge the Czech Championship of Border Collies 🤩
Just a few facts about me, I’ve discovered agility in 2008 and fell in love with it instantly ❤️ During the past years, I have competed in all classes and represented Slovakia many times in the National Team. Currently we have at home 7 dogs (5 Patterdale terriers, Border Collie and Australian Shepherd)
In agility, you may know me not only as competitor, but also as organizer of many competitions in my hall RSDC, trainer, teamleader, breeder and for the past 6 years also as judge.
These different roles give me perfect opportunity to offer my view and perception of this amazing sport.
Looking forward to see you all on the courses 💪🏼🎉

Kristýna Lukešová (Czech republic)

Hi / Good day,
my name is Kristýna Lukešová and it will be a great honor for me to judge this year's Border collie championship of the Czech Republic. Agility is my life since 2011, when Keisy the retriever introduced me to this beautiful sport. I currently run with two kelpies and my mom's mix breed. The only things I like more than agility are my dogs, family, mountains, emergency medicine and veterinary orthopedics.
I have been an agility judge since 2022. It didn't happen by accident. From the first training sessions, I drew parkours and used it to annoyrd not only my non-dog friends, but even the teachers at school. So when this opportunity presented itself, I had to jump at it! I enjoy judging as much as running with my dogs. I take a lot of inspiration from it, the emotions of the teams around, love to watch the progress of the teams, love when they are simply happy. And that is also the reason why I will be very much looking forward to seeing you all in Rožnov. Above all, I wish you to enjoy every second on and off the course. 🙂
See you there! 🙂

Seppo Savikko (Finland)

I’m Seppo Savikko from Espoo, Finland.
I have been FCI International agility judge since 2008 and judging in almost 30 different countries.
As a judge my highlights includes National Championships and AWC/EO qualifications in several countries.
Team Finland EO participant 2009 and Team Finland team leader 2006-2007 and 2012-2013.
I turned into professional agility trainer in 2009, seminars all over Europe and also Japan and USA/Canada.
We have our own business with Steffi 4S agility hall in Finland since 2022.


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