Lee Gibson (UK)

I have been doing agility since I was 12, some 19 years now! I have judged for 15 years (i started when I was 16 in U.K. !) I judged Crufts in 2015 which was a huge honour, and very exciting too. I have also judged in around 15 countries worldwide. I compete with Sadie currently and represented GB at the EO and FCI AWC.
I have also won a medal at the WAO earlier this year, silver in pentathlon agility. I have a puppy who will start in March 2016 also. Agility is really enjoyable sport and I like meeting such great people and working with dogs and handlers is very rewarding!


Jorge Pires (Portugal)

I am 48 years old and a pre-retired Paratroop Lieutenant Colonel. My wife, Sandra, and I live in Vila Nova da Barquinha-Santarem, Portugal with our three-year-old daughter Margarida and our five dogs. We have four Border Collies and a Schnauzer. Two Border Collie are dedicated to competing in agility and the others are dedicated to Animal Assisted Therapy; an activity that I carry out as a volunteer.
I started competing in Agility in 1996 with my Portuguese National Breed, Fila de S. Miguel, Kendo. In 1997, I also started competing with my dog Anushka, who was also the same breed but as fast as a Border Collie that rapidly reached the top quality of an Agility Dog. However, due to my work and several international military assignments, my agility handling career was interrupted more than I wished, so we never had the chance to fight for winning the Portuguese National Championship or to represent Portugal in international competitions. Presently, since I’m in pre-retirement, agility handling is now a serious hobby once again.
I have been a Portuguese International Judge since 2002. My judging experience includes many Portuguese Championships, many events wide Spain (as the Final of the National Championship of Agility Hunting Federation side by side with Lee Gibson and the Kennel Club Tryouts for the WAC 2016), Netherland WAO Tryouts for WAO 2016 and the WAO 2016 in England.
As an Agility Judge, I try to be the most comprehensive to the dog’s and handler’s safety, I like to combine a respect for all the work a handler puts in with his dog as well as the effort the dog carries out to please his handler as team-mates at the high levels of competition and I try to ensure a safe journey for all within the rules of Agility competitions.
I can’t say I have a course stile of my own but when I plan a course I try to come up with pure speed sections, pure technical sections and the combination speed and technical sections, all in the same course.
Good luck for all.


Petr Pupík (Czech Republic)

I started doing agility ten years ago. I ran with a stubborn beagle, who taught me that running is great fun. It does not always have to end up how a human intends (man proposes beagle disposes). Now i run with a toller called Jenny. Besides agility she loves water work and water rescue.
I became a judge in 2012. I love building fast courses where teams run at a full drive. I can easily see they enjoy a race. I would like to thank for the possibility to be at BCCCZ. I am really looking forward to judge this competition and I hope that my courses will be challenging and all competitors will be satisfied.

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