Marko Mäkelä (Finland)

I am Marko Mäkelä from Finland. I've been competing in agility since 1995, with various breeds - Shelties, Border Collies, Spanish Water Dogs etc. At the moment my full time job is teaching and coaching agility.I have now been a judge since the end of 2017. I like to run challenging courses with speedy lines and hopefully with some possibilities to have variations both in dogs' lines and handling options. And of course, that's also my goal when I'm designing courses as a judge - to have a course with speed, a proper amount of challenge for the level of class, safe lines, options/variations for handling and dogs' lines. See you in Czech in May, can't wait!


Martina Konečná (Czech republic)

My name is Martina Konečná and I have been involved in agility for over 25 years. I am the owner of the Dog Little Academy dog school, where I train agility, puppy socialization, obedience, etc. I currently have three Sheltie dogs. I competed and represented the Czech Republic in the Large, Medium and Small categories.
The most valuable titles include the title of Team World Champion, Team World Vice Champion with two dogs, Team European Vice Champion, Individual European Champion, Czech Champion, Czech Team Champion, etc. I am now competing in the Medium category. I have been an agility judge since 2019, I have been an international judge since 2021.
Judging fills me a lot and I transfer a lot of elements from training directly to racing courses. I look forward to you!!!


Olga Bazalová (Czech republic)

My name is Olga Bazalová and I have been involved in agility for a relatively short time - since 2009, when I started to penetrate this amazing sport with my Texi crossbreed. In agility, I continued to move with my most amazing dog of the best breed in the world - border collie Odin Happy Bohemia Alké, whom we call Dýdý.
In the end, I began to enjoy Agility so much that in September 2017 I became a judge of the Agility Club of the Czech Republic, and since 2019 I have been an international judge. So I am only less than 5 years old as a judge, I like to build tracks that I would like to run with my dog. I like smoother courses, but always with some challenge for both members of the team - both human and dog. I really like watching the teams overcome all the challenges that await them on the course, and the teams that put their maximum into the run and enjoy the run. It is a great honor for me to judge these races, which are among my very favorites and several times I was lucky enough to participate in them as a racer. I firmly hope that people and dogs will enjoy my courses and we will all enjoy the time spent on the course!


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